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Present to you our doctor, crafted in silk and feathers, complete with a boisterous, energetic personality; a larger  than life prodigy who has redefined the science of weight loss, a task so difficult, even Hercules wouldn’t hesitate to shy from.

Aghast by the 1.2 million dollars price tag? Well, he is a brand worth your life. Money can buy anything and yet it can’t buy everything. He dominates this terrain with a string of degrees in endocrinology, biochemistry and nutrition. His level of trustworthiness is high. If he doesn’t understand an issue, he will not rest until he has. We understand his work as life and money in expertly deft hands. He redefines each one of us, one at a time, unfolding our biochemistry and the hormonal milieu like a puzzle.

This website has been composed not by a company, but us, his patients giving him the credence through the content here. His deviation from convention and results prompted us to directly approach the company and ask to be given the charge of creating and assembling this website. Who could know him better than …

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his patients

we, the patients!

Fashioned with immense care and forethought, this platform is for you to get an insight into what the brand WMED encapsulates and how things are done. This is it, in all it's glory. You are welcome to stop by, browse and get yourselves registered to be abreast of all updates and new offers.